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Who is the greatest soccer player ever?

This is a very touchy subject.  The player I pick might not necessarily be the player you pick.  Plus, what are the standards?  Is it the player who scores more goals?  Well that’s not a fair measure because it will naturally favour forwards; the entire team works to provide the forward with the ball to score.  Is it the player who has the best tricks?  Most assists?  Most trophies?  You get the point….

I think the best way to establish who the best player is, is to have fellow pears — that being athletes and coaches — be the judges.  These are the people who understand the game at a very refined level and who know what it really means to be the best.  For example, when one of the best players of all time, Zindedine Zidane, was asked who the best player in the world is, he explained:

So what do I think?  I think it’s impossible to pick the greatest player of all time.  It’s especially difficult to compare players from one generation to another.  Nonetheless, I think a good way to establish the best is to go by positions.  When you compare forwards with forwards, midfielders with midfielders, and etc, you can compare similar aspects of their games and then decide who has been more succesful and why.

Best forward: Ronaldo of Brazil.  Why?

Best midfielder: Zindedine Zidane.  Why?

I haven’t picked a defender and a goaltender because it’s not easy to characterize the best in these two realms. Perhaps you have some ideas…who is the best and why? Leave your comments below.

Ivan Bobanovic

By Ivan Bobanovic

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