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Everyone, at one point or another, has been introduced to the magical skill of some of the best soccer players ever to grace the game.  The 1986 World Cup saw Maradona take on an entire team from half field and score a goal for the ages.  Barcelona’s Lionel Messi essentially copy & pasted Maradona’s effort and went through an entire team to score an almost identical goal.  Ronaldinho has pranced through so many players and teams that its difficult to pinpoint just one effort. But where my girls at?

Why don’t we oo-and-ahh about the wonderful performances of women?  They are just as impressive if not more impressive.  Watching some of the FIFA World Cup U-17, I was legitimately impressed and stunned by the amount of skill some of these women were exposing at such a young age.  I grew up playing with many girls/women and have always had a great amount of respect for their talent and ability.  Kumi Yokoyama, however,  had me stunned.  Ms. Yokoyama has not only confirmed that respect, but taken it to another level.

All I can say is that the commentator just about sums up how I feel too.  Amen sister:

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