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There has been a whirlwind of news surrounding the 2018 World and the 2022 World Cup.  On December 2, 2010, it will be decided who will host each.  Why you would have the voting for these two events occur on the same day is beyond me.   While the likes of England and Russia make their bids for 2018, the only bid that truly has me interested is the 2022 bid.  This bid is close to home…this bid could be in my backyard. The US are making a bid for the 2022 World Cup.  Will they get it?

Although 2022 is some time away, many are saying that the US have locked their position as host for that World Cup.  Infrastructure, resources, experience and a proven plan are a few of the leading reasons why the US is the logical choice.

Australia, Qatar, and Japan & South Korea (jointly) are also legitimate runners, but none of them have the crucial qualities the US hold.


Australia has proven – via the Olympics – that it can host these types of events.  The boost that would come with hosting the World Cup would be immeasurable for the country and its domestic league.  Are they really ready for a event of this size?  I don’t so.  It has been reported that they have been having scheduling issues along with venue issues.


Qatar, although an interesting bid, is not the venue for something like this.  Where would you even start with a Country so small?  Although they have an abundance of oil money to back their bid, you’d have to think that dealing with this type of money only leads to corruption and match fixing.


As outlined in an article on, simply put:

“the United States supplies the largest audience and the largest venues, but it also boasts the largest land mass and the not-so-distant experience of hosting in 1994”

No other country can match the magnitude of this bid.

This excites me because this is an opportunity for soccer in North America to really get the attention it deserves.  It gives our youth a chance to witness the magic of the game as well as the importance of the game.  As fans, coaches and players, we will get a first hand understanding of just how good the rest of the world is.  Where do the US rank?  Where does Canada rank?  With this experience, we can grow immensely. 

I truly hope the World Cup is awarded to the US.  I’m not the only one either; Bill Clinton even wrote a letter of support. Forget the venues, forget the money, forget everything…we want world class teams performing in our backyard.

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