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Face it…winning on a technically is nothing to be proud about! Each year there are soccer teams that win because of off-field protests.  This happens at all levels of the game.  Red cards are over turned, yellow cards are overturned, protests regarding player eligibility come to the forefront, certain games have to be replayed and the list goes on and on.

These events usually come to the forefront once the top team loses.  The league I currently play in is WOSL (Western Ontario Soccer League) has had numerous protests each year, typically by the top teams.  Rules have not remained consistent each year nor for each team and as a result certain teams are penalized resulting in teams winning the league or cups and other teams being relegated to the first division.

In a way, it’s almost as bad as match fixing only this time it is done in front of everybody and is supposed to resolve things when in fact it just hurts the league and tarnishes the victory and hard work the players have put in.  To read more on match fixing click here.  Unfortunately, there are teams in this league (like many leagues around the world) that have the officials and league in their back pocket and it’s the reality of things.  One must accept it and move on.

End of the day this type of victory is nothing to be proud about despite the level of talent on any team.  You’ll always have that monkey on your back and will never win the full respect of other teams and players throughout the league by winning on technicalities.

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